Bonnie Felt

graphic designer | production artist | naturalist

Creative from the start I was naturally drawn to art in all its forms. As a child, I viewed magazines, and books as beautiful pieces of art. In college I loved sampling the myriad of art classes always digging into to the details. Photography was a top love. Thus, it wasn't a coincidence that my loves led me to a career in graphic design and art production for publishing and marketing. My strong work ethic, visual acuity, great sense of composition, attention to detail, innovation, collaborative spirit and regard for deadlines have lent themselves well to success in my career as well as to the success of companies and clients I have worked with. I'm also innately mathematical, analytical and logical plus teaching and training comes naturally to me. My sense of humor and professionalism make me a pleasure to work with. To see my portfolio please refer to the menu at the top of the page.

My personal interests:

Nature I love nature. I love learning about it, experiencing it and sharing it with others.

Museums Skirball, the Getty, LACMA and so much more. I can’t get enough of the educational and interactive opportunities found in museums, as well as their architectural spaces and landscapes.

Storytelling I am drawn to the art of storytelling whether it is for children or adults. When the opportunity arises I perform interactive storytelling with puppets for young children. At other times my stories are for adult audiences and almost always humorous. Listening to a well seasoned professional storyteller is a treat as well.

Toastmasters I joined in 2009 to improve my storytelling skills and to my surprise found my way into leadership roles for several years which contributed to my personal and career growth. It has also been a great outlet for my creativity where I had the opportunity to write, perform and direct a number of skits and song parodies, tell humorous tales and chair amazing events.